Valley Of Blessings
“The cost to reconnect animals to live in natural
settings without human support is a debt that many animals in transition must honor with their lives.”
Welcome to Valley of Blessings! We appreciate you for spending your valuable time for visiting our site. Happening this innovation; in a fine day to step among our people is passionate and undoubtedly a challenging one. With our investing partner’s interest and supportable approach from our crew we are travelling in the path to play an active and significant role in breeding of Goat and Sheep with wide range of programs in an unique way.
About Valley of Blessings
“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
The project is going to launch in a vast ranch of land in 20,000 acres in India the seventh largest country by area. Our land is located in a state in south west India. The project will have a plethora of modern amenities required for the rearing of Goat's. Under the determined leadership of our Chair Person Mr. Haji Abdullah Abdul Rehiman Haji , the firm is going to launch with a diverse product range that includes dairy, meat, agro, horti and various other products and it will be available for you from our farms very soon.

The administration office is headquartered in Dubai, one of the seven emirates of UAE (United Arab Emirates).Committed to maintaining strict hygiene standards and high quality in every step of its operation, makes continued investments in high-quality machinery to products.
Housing and Shelter is an important aspect as any other related topic in goat farming. To keep the goat healthy good shelter is an essential part. To accommodate goat, will strive to construct a good house with vast area and good irrigation with an atmosphere for getting quality air.
Besides this tree shades and sufficient space for breeding and grazing with proper drainage which is free from dampness and drafts is provided. Special attention and care taken to feed and water supply within the housing will give the goats a healthy atmosphere.

The Farm Shops : will open Monday - Saturday, 9:00am - 6:00pm and Sundays, 2.00pm - 5:00pm, to sell the milk, cheese, fudge and yogurt produced by the farm. Goat meat in a variety of cuts may be purchased in the shop. Along with these, the farm shop sells many other items produced in our different sectors of the farm.

Visitors are welcome at the farm. Company knows that survival of farm is dependent on educating the public about rural life and the origin of their foods. Since this is going to be a working farm and a great deal of time is spent daily with milking, feeding, and processing cheese, visitors to the shop are encouraged to schedule a tour for a better look ,meet our families, and see for yourself how we grow the food that ends up on your family’s table.

We welcome private tours, corporate events and school visits.

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